Jailor and Warder Examination Syllabus,Admit Card, Mock tests(Important) 2019 - KPSC JUNCTION

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Jailor and Warder Examination Syllabus,Admit Card, Mock tests(Important) 2019

Jailor and Warder examination Mock tests(Important)

Recruitment Details of  2019:

Organization Name--Karnataka Prisons Department

Category---State Govt./ Admit Card

Name of the Post ----Jailor & Warder

No of Vacancies---662

Exam Scheme---Online Examination

Total marks---100

Exam Duration---90 Minutes

Exam Date--23/06/2019

Status of Admit Card--Available Click Here

KSP Karnataka Jailor Warder Syllabus 2019:

History Syllabus: South Indian history, Culture and Heritage of Tamil people, Advent of European invasion, Expansion and consolidation of British rule, Effect of British rule on socio, economic factors, Social reforms and religious movements, India since independence, Characteristics of Indian culture, Unity in diversity, race, colour, language, custom, India‐as secular state, Organizations for fine arts, dance, drama, music, Growth of rationalist, Dravidian movement in TN, Political parties and populist schemes & etc.

National Independence Movement Syllabus: An early uprising against British rule, 1857 Revolt, Indian National Congress, Emergence of national leaders, Gandhi, Nehru, Tagore, Netaji, Growth of militant movements, Communalism led to partition, Role of Tamil Nadu in freedom struggle, Rajaji, VOC, Periyar, Bharathiar & Others, Birth of political parties /political system in India since independence.

General Knowledge: About India, History – India & World, Cultural Heritage, General Science, Space & IT, Indian Constitution, National NEWS (current), Indian Culture, Economy, Political Science, Science & Technology, Important Days.

Constitution Syllabus: Historical Background, Making of the Constitution, Salient features of the Constitution, The preamble of the Constitution, Union and its Territory, Fundamental Rights, Basic Structure of the Constitution 

Geography Syllabus: Earth and Universe‐Solar system, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, lithosphere‐Monsoon, rainfall, weather and climate, rivers in India‐Soil, Social geography, disaster management & etc.

Attend Mock Test For Jailor and Warder Exam:

This mock test contains questions from Indian history, Polity, Economics, Indian Constitution, General Science and Current events. So don't Miss Any MOck TEST

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