Indian GK Questions for Railway Exam(NTPC&GROUP-D) TOP-10 - KPSC JUNCTION

Indian GK Questions for Railway Exam(NTPC&GROUP-D) TOP-10

Indian GK Questions for Railway Exam(NTPC&GROUP-D) TOP-10 

1)When the Devanagari script is adopted as one of the official languages in India?

(A) 16 August 1947

(B) 15th August 1948

(C) 14th September 1949

(D) 12th December 1950

2) Which one is the first state in India to operationalize a law that makes a social audit of government programs and schemes a part of government practice?

(A) Meghalaya

(B) Goa

(C) Kerala

(D) Sikkim

3)The "Central University for Tibetan Studies" is located in?

(A) Varanasi

(B) Sarnath

(C) Lucknow

(D) Dharamsala

4) POSCO Act is related to what?

(A) Children

(B) Women

(C) Civil Servants

(D) Insurgent

5)Which Indian city is also known as "Oxford of East"?

(A) Bengaluru

(B) Pune

(C) Delhi

(D) Kolkata

6) Which State of India is also known as the "Orchid State of India" ?

(A) Manipur

(B) Meghalaya

(C) Arunachal Pradesh

(D) Jammu and Kashmir

7)Which city is also known by the nicknamed the "Detroit of India" ?

(A) Mumbai

(B) Chennai

(C) Noida

(D) Gurugram

8) Which one is not "Central Armed Police Force" in India 

(A) Border Security Force

(B) National Security Guard

(C) Central Reserve Police Force

(D) Sashastra Seema Bal

9) Which state has the highest number of International Airports in India?

(A) Kerala

(B) Maharashtra

(C) Madhya Pradesh

(D) Tamil Nadu

10)The present PIN code system in India was introduced in the year?

(A) 1972

(B) 1975

(C) 1976

(D) 1982

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