According to the Gregory calendar, October 21 is the 294th day of the year (295th in a leap year).  There are 71 more days left in the year.

🔖 Important events of 21 October 

 1296 - Alauddin Khilji takes over the throne of Delhi.

 1555 - Parliament of England forbids Philip to be considered King of Spain.

 1727 - Russia and China enter into agreements to correct borders.

 1854 - Florence Nightingale is sent to the Crimea War with 38 nurse staffers.

 1871 - The first non-competitive outdoor athletic game (New York) takes place in America.

 1918 - Margate Oven sets a world record with a typing speed of 170 VPM in 1 minute.

 1934 - Congress Socialist Party formed by Jayaprakash Narayan.

 1934 - Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose founded Azad Hind Fauj in Singapore.

 Jayaprakash Narayan formed the Congress Socialist Party.

 1945 - Women in France get the right to vote for the first time.

 1948 - United Nations turns down Russia's proposal to destroy nuclear weapons.

 1950 - Death penalty abolished in Belgium.

 1951 - Bharatiya Jana Sangh is established.

 1954 - India and France sign an agreement to include Pondicherry, Karaikal, and Mahe in the Indian Republic.  The agreement entered into force from 1 November.

 1970 - Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Narman I Barlog.

 1999 - Sukarno daughter Meghavati was elected Vice-President of Indonesia.

 2003 - Naval exercise of China and Pakistan begins.  China launched two satellites from the 4-B carrier rocket.

 2005 - Mukhtaran Mai was elected 'Woman of the Year' of Pakistan, a victim of gang rape.

 2007 - Indian-American Bobby Jindal wins the post of Governor of Louisiana Province of America.

 2008 - Caravan-e-Tijas started after 61 years between India and Pakistan.

 2012 - Saina Nehwal wins the Denmark Open Super Series title.

 2013 - Canadian parliament grants Malala Yousafzai Canadian citizenship.

 2014 - Famous Paralympic runner Oscar Pistorios sentenced to five years in prison for killing his girlfriend Reva Steenkamp.

🔷 Person born on 21 October 

 1887 - Krishna Singh - First Chief Minister of Bihar.

 1931 - Shammi Kapoor, famous Hindi film actor

 1939 - Helen - Famous actress and dancer of Hindi films.

 1889 - Kashinath Narayan Dixit - Scholar of Indian Archeology.

 1830 - Nain Singh Rawat - The first Indian to discover the Himalayan region.

 🏴 Died on 21 October 

 2012 - Yash Chopra, Indian film producer-director.

 1998 - Ajit - was a famous actor of Indian Hindi cinema.

🔖 Important occasions and celebrations of 21 October 

 ▪️Police Memorial Day
 ▪️World iodine deficiency day
 ▪️Azad Hind Fauj Foundation Day
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